History and Promise of Sakura

Sakura is a skin care line that was originally manufactured in Japan, United States, South Korea, and Taiwan. With the promise of providing beauty solutions for a healthy, flawless skin that encourages a confident, healthy, and beautiful life. Sakura is a leader in research of formulating basic beauty products to extraordinary solutions from natural ingredients derived from Japan’s cherry blossom flowers, Sakura. The heart of Sakura was initially created by ten enthusiastic scientists, doctors, and professors from well-known universities in Japan with thirty years, or more, of experience in the skin and health care industry.Sakura’s products is formulated from safe and risk-free ingredients declared by United States’ Food Drug Administration, Japan’s Ministry of Health, Labor, and Wealth, Korea Food Drug Administration, and Taiwan’s Cosmetic Industry Association.



Sakura Beauty Solution is a brand name of Sakura Beauty Solution USA from 2009 with the slogan of bringing to customers unique experiences with Health and Beauty products. The history of Sakura Beayty Solution is not merely a story about products and services; it is also a story of a company taking a broader perspective and, to also, consider aspects of different cultures and lifestyles, and always seeking to create new value. This is the true history of Sakura Beauty Corp. Here we explore the path of achievement Sakura Beauty Solution has followed for over 5 years since its founding in 2009 as a modern Western-style cosmetic pharmacy.

Sakura Beauty Solution always updates the newest technology of skin revitalization, anti-dark spots, acnes control. Its Doctors researched and achieved formulations to take care skin from basic to professional. Sakura Beauty Corp places its greatest emphasis on product safety and security. Sakura Beauty Solution collects safety informations at the raw material level, and conduct analyses and tests using the artificial skin and cells. Moreover, Sakura Beauty Solution evaluates many items in tests using real human skin to carefully ensure safety for the human body and the environment.

Sakura Beauty Solution began exploring skincare research methods around 5 years ago, and continues its research today. The area of Skin Brightening is one of its particular strengths. Sakura Beauty Solution has more than 10 brands/lines. These are brands that improve new functions, fashion, attraction and continue to sparkle while possessing their original worldviews and suiting customers&¤39; various lifestyles and tastes. We are deeply loved and supported by customers around the world.

In 2014, Sakura Beauty Solution USA has official distributor in Vietnam, Singapore and it is opening to find distributors in Malaysia and Australia. Sakura Beauty Corp want to make women&¤39;s beauty more radiant. Sakura Beauty Solution has thoroughly researched the land, climate, culture, customs of regions, and the skin of Asian women to develop cosmetic products exclusively for that market. These products have been manufactured and sold locally. The confidence in a brand that has been popular with Asian women for many years, continues to support Sakura&¤39;s growth.
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