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Balancing Toner Poresolution
Balancing Toner Poresolution

Balancing Toner Poresolution


This alcohol-free toner is formulated with 98% botanical extracts helps balance skin’s pH levels for fresher skin. With the addition of this toner to your skincare regime, it will help treatments and serums to penetrate more effectively. This non-drying, tone balancer gently exfoliates to help refine and clear clogged pores and promote smooth, even complexion. Removing dead skin cells and minimize the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.


Glycerin help seal in moisture and maintain skin’s water balance on an intercellular level. Stimulate skin cells to rejuvenate to treat acne-prone skin and wrinkles.

Rosa Canina Fruit Oil is associated with anti-aging that help reduce inflammation and fine lines. High level of essential fatty acids help skin hold moisture and reduce dryness. Encourages skin to repair after over-exposure to the sun and burns thus reduce scars and skin damage.

Prunus Yedoensis Leaf Extract strength skin protection from harmful sun exposure, anti-inflammation, restore damaged skin and regenerating skin cells for healthy and beautiful skin.

Hydrogenated Castor Oil has antiviral and antibacterial properties that fight skin infections. Soother sensitive skin that is irritated and inflamed. Help reduce acne bacteria and render the growth of harmful microbes and pull excess dirt from the epidermis. Soften and smooth dry, parched skin.

Rosa damascena Flower Water, Prunus Yedoensis Leaf Extract, Oryza Sativa (Rice) Lees Extract, Sphingomonas Ferment Extract, Alcaligenes Polysaccharides, Ceramide-3, Citric Acid.


Using Direction: After cleansing, apply Balancing Toner onto face and neck with a cotton ball. Do not rinse off. Follow with Sakura Regimen.