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Spots Care Brightening Cream
Spots Care Brightening Cream

Spots Care Brightening Cream


The rich, lightening cream from Tranexamic acid prevents tyrosine, which causes melasma, spots and freckles on the face. Simultaneously slow down the aging process, restore sun-damaged skin from the rare herbal extracts and Ceramide 3 to help control melanin formation. Helps restore damaged skin by the effects of UVA and UVB rays, pollution or other environmental factors.

Glycyrrhiza Glabra (Licorice) Root Extract Contains Saponin Triterpene, Glycyrrhizin Glycyrrhizin, Glycyrrizinic Acid and Flavonoid are soothed, anti-irritant, antioxidant support, especially to help rejuvenate the skin, reduce eczema, and brighten the skin color. Liquiritin, Isoliquertin, Flavonoid, Glycosides when penetrated into the skin cells also help disperse the melanin pigment, stimulate the production of other skin pigmentation, miraculous effect, skin burns, itching. It is able to absorb well the UVA and also UVB, eliminating the formation of pigmentation as well as causing many effects to inhibit the synthesis of memory melanin on the ability of enzyme inhibitors.
Stearyl Glycyrrhetinate Anti-inflammatory, anti-allergy, melanin pigmentation, skin pigmentation, eczema reduction, skin lightening and reduction of signs of aging.
Prunus Yedoensis Leaf Extract Protects skin from UV rays, restores damaged skin, B16 helps to prevent skin pigmentation, freckles, bright white skin, moisturizes, enhances collagen production, Elastin for toned, elastic and rejuvenated skin.
Prunus Mume Fruit Extract Antibacterial, anti-aging, reduce wrinkles, brighten the skin.
Alpinia Katsumadai Seed Extract Moisturizing, antioxidant, skin lightening.
Hydrolyzed Codonopsis Pilosula Root Extract Moisturizing, brightening complexion.

Using Directions: Take an appropriate amount on hand, please apply to the place to be worried about